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Furniture storage

Are you renovating?

Then you need secure and user-friendly furniture storage. We offer storage in a range of container systems. The length of the contract is also based on your requirements: you only pay while you are using our storage facilities.

Steel Container

Storage in a steel container offers unbeatable advantages. If your possessions are loaded into a container at the loading point, they will all remain untouched inside this container until it is unloaded. The actual unit is placed on a storage place in our warehouse.

This means there are no costs for unloading in the warehouse, for storage in a storage facility, nor for loading onto a lorry later on.

We will use containers of 33 or 46 m³ capacity, depending on your requirements. To protect against unauthorised access, the containers are sealed shut. You are also welcome to use your own padlock if you prefer.

Streff Storage Steel Container Streff Storage Steel Container Crane

Wooden Container

If the volume of your goods for storage is not excessive and you want to store them for a long period of time, then our three differently-sized wooden containers offer you the optimum storage space. Our containers are available with a volume of 3, 5 or 8 m³.

Streff Storage Wooden Crates Streff Storage Forklift Carrying a Wooden Crate