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The Company


On 8 August 1928, Albert Streff established a transportation business under his own name. Even in those early days, the company also specialised in relocations.

The size and geographical location of Luxembourg presented a particular challenge as international mobility increased. Cross-border transportations could only be carried out efficiently with the appropriate knowledge of inter-state rules and regulations (customs, entry and transportation).

As each state had its own requirements, the transfer of information between international removal companies was of the utmost importance. This led to the formation of the FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux), the international association of international removal companies, in 1950. On 1 January 1954, Streff became the first Luxembourg company to join this organisation, and by doing so already emphasised its international competence in those early days.

On 29 May 1970, Albert Streff decided to retire and sold his company to the Chorus family, who have run the company ever since.

Over the following years, new business divisions and logistics solutions were developed. Special systems for the storage of furniture and archives, archive logistics, document scanning, data carrier destruction and the Security Box are just some of our innovations. Protecting the natural environment has always been an important issue for the company's activities, and Streff is committed to its GREEN POLICY.

Main events in the history of Streff

1931 Albert Streff Moving Truck 1933 Albert Streff Moving Truck
8 August 1928

Albert Streff establishes the company under his family name: "STREFF"

1950 Albert Streff Moving Truck 1960 Albert Streff Moving Truck Mercedes

Streff joins the FIDI.

1970 Stefan and Max Chorus with their Father with Streff Moving Truck near Kirchberg ex-European Parliament building

Albert Chorus acquires the company.


Legal transition – the partnership is transformed into a limited liability company.


The company relocates to its new headquarters in Strassen with a warehouse for archives and furniture.


Introduction of the practice of storing furniture in wooden containers.

1985 Streff Moving Trucks fleet MAN and Iveco

Development of pallet storage for archives.


Introduction of the practice of storing furniture in swap containers, which does not require items to be unloaded and reloaded several times.

1991 Streff Building in Windhof

Foundation of the SECURITY STORAGE company and the construction of the first security storage facility in Windhof.


The company carries out its first removal involving the hoisting of containers to windows on the 10th floor using a crane.


Development of the mobile file trolley with doors that are secured by a seal.


Construction of a container warehouse in Windhof for 20-foot containers; the warehouse features the first overhead crane for loads of up to 25 metric tons and a total capacity of 160 units.


Market launch of containers with fitted shelf systems for file storage.




Installation of the second crane system and increase in capacity by 200 units.


Development and international marketing of Security Boxes for the safe and efficient transportation of fragile and valuable items.

2001 Streff container storage area in Aubange

Construction of the world's only multifunction warehouse with a crane system in Aubange for the storage of any container size from 20 feet to 45 feet and goods with a maximum lift weight of 33 metric tons. The warehouse volume exceeds 200,000 m³.


Streff becomes the first company in Luxembourg to be FAIM certified, the quality standard for international removals.


The Windhof warehouse is reserved for archive storage and the destruction of data carriers of all kinds


Installation of a new shredder with a capacity of 2,500 kg/h at the Windhof facility.


Purchase of an additional site in Windhof to safeguard the company's future growth in the archiving and data carrier destruction sectors.


First removal company in Luxembourg to receive the environmental label "Superdreckskëscht fir Betriber" (created in 1993 to support companies in establishing accurate waste management)


Approved by the Ministry of the Environment for the storage and destruction, transportation and trade of specific waste products such as paper, cardboard, plastic, wood etc.


Company accredited as "Professionnel du Secteur Financier" (service provider to the financial sector) by the Ministry of Finance following an inspection by the Luxembourg financial supervisory body CSSF in accordance with the laws relevant to the financial sector.


Development of sealed stackable containers with 30% more capacity on the same footprint.

2007 Streff Moving Trucks fleet Mercedes and MAN

Certification in accordance with the quality assurance systems "ISO 9001-2000", "ISO 14001 – 2004", "OHSAS 18001 – 1999" in the field of archive logistics and data carrier destruction.


Prix de la Qualité Luxembourgeois 2008


Work-site of the new Windhof Data Protection building


Project of the new Windhof Data Protection building

2014 Streff Data Protection Storage building site in Windhof 2015 Streff Data Protection Storage project in Windhof

Our team

Our staff are the key to our success.

You can fully rely on the work of our administrative and operational team.

We are currently able to put 49 operational and 21 administrative employees at your disposal. They are able to handle any challenges that your move may involve with their competent and efficient work.

We have an extensive know-how and a tremendous amount of experience, since over half of our workforce has already been with us for more than 10 years.

The fact that in 2007, our staff had spent an average of 7.5 years with the company is a sign of stability and professionalism, of our customers' trust in our services, and of the company's consistent growth on the market.

Life-long learning is ensured by the ever-changing tasks our employees have to handle every day – every day presents new challenges. The successful handling of our daily tasks and the associated gains in experience are the most important foundations of our success.

Furthermore, our staff are specially trained for tasks such as overseas packaging, the transportation of heavy goods and IT transports.

Jobs at Streff

Do you like the idea of working in small teams but being part of a big company?

At Streff, we strive to give the customer an extraordinary experience. We see customer orientation as a key element of our success.

The necessary can be learned with us although any prior knowledge of and experience in the field increase your chances of getting the job. The various projects we take on can vary, that is why we require flexibility and adaptability. As some of the work might have to be done across the border, it is important that your passport allows you to travel within Europe.

Working for us will mean that you must have basic communication skills in order to maintain good relations not only with your team members but also wuth the customers. The languages you will need are French, German, and Luxembourgish, but any other languages are also welcome.

Currently lookig for:

  • IT-allrounder, to learn more about the post follow the link, click here
  • Adviser, to learn more about the post follow the link, click here

Constantly looking for:

  • Professional mover;
  • Professional mover with truck driving license
  • Warehouse Keeper;
  • Encoder/Archivist;
  • Consultant;

Please send your full contact details and CV by email to to jobs@streff.lu