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Document Archiving

Professional archiving offers a range of benefits

The main advantages are mentioned below:

Safety: against fire, humidity or flooding; protection from unwanted eyes.

Secure access control: You determine if and who can access your documents for delivery purposes.

Optimising space: in time the capacity of your archives may not be enough, making it necessary to use external storage.

Optimising the use of you work force: with time, your archives may run out of capacity, which will make it necessary for you to use external storage.

Legal requirements: all companies in Luxembourg are obliged by law to keep their records for a number of years; finding a good archiving solution mitigates the risk of litigation and audits.

Paper archive: The easiest way to provide confirmation of business transactions is on paper. These files then need to be retained for the legally required period of time. In most cases, direct access is no longer required after a particular period of time. It then makes sense to store these documents externally, which is both safe and inexpensive, and enables you to use the recovered space more efficiently.

Streff offers 3 ways of paper archive storage (that can be tailored to specific needs)

Archive storage in a steel container offers you lots of advantages. Individual access to the stored documents is possible, and yet the documents are all stored in a separate steel box with several locks. Our steel containers can be brought to your premises where your files can be put into storage under your supervision.

We can adapt and customize the interior space for your personal needs. Ask our consultants for advice on the optimal solution.

1/3 of a 20 feet Steel Container for Archiving – Streff Luxembourg Steel container warehouse storage – Streff Luxembourg Storage of archive in boxes in a Steel container – Streff Luxembourg Archiving shelve storage in a Steel Container - Streff Luxembourg

Here you can store large quantities of files and have direct access to them. The bar code is applied to a particular container, such as an archive box or file.

Document, binder, archiving mobile shelf storage – Streff Luxembourg Document, binder, archiving mobile shelf storage – Streff Luxembourg Document, binder, archiving mobile shelf storage – Streff Luxembourg

This is the easiest form of safe file storage. The packaging units are bar coded and stored on a pallet on high bay racking. Archives are put into boxes and then onto pallets which are stored on moving racks that are up to 6 stories high.

All pallets are covered with a white non transparent plastic cover which protects them from dust and humidity and ensures confidentiality.

Archiving , box and other material moving pallet rack  – Streff Luxembourg Archiving pallet storage 16 boxes n°6 for file boxes  – Streff Luxembourg Archive pallet storage 24 boxes n°9 for file binders  – Streff Luxembourg Archiving pallet storage 12 boxes n°4 for any type of archive  – Streff Luxembourg

Collection & delivery service

If at any point in time you need to access your files or documents, or if you wish to store additional ones, we can offer you a delivery service. Our express service means you can receive your files within 3 hours; our normal service - within 24 hours. However, bear in mind that appropriate logistical planning is required for large transportation volumes.

Loading of a truck for archive transport - Streff Luxembourg Archive Mobile File Trolley - Streff Luxembourg

Encoding & Indexing

It is imperative for us to situate the data carriers you leave with us according to your wishes and to make a regular inventory of them. We use bar coding which enables us to make sure that your data carriers can always be located and a track record of all movements is kept, from the initial takeover until the destruction of the data carriers.

Depending on the complexity of the directory structure and your required inventory, you decide whether the unit for the bar code is an individual customer file, suspension file, standard file or file box.

Encoding - Indexing of an archive - Streff Luxembourg Bar coded binder ready for archive - Streff Luxembourg

On-site archive management

If you have an archive and you want to have it organised but you also want to keep it on your premises, we can send our specialized archivist to your office to make a complete inventory of your archive with a bar-coding system.

If you opt for this service and in the future you decide to move your archive to our storage facility, there will be no need to make a new inventory.

Data carrier safety

Most companies store their data not only on paper but also as CD, DVD, DLT, tapes or hard discs.

The safety of all the various kinds of stored files and data carriers is of particular importance.

It goes without saying that the room where your files are stored should not be accessible to third parties.

If your company is subject to CSSF control, then co-operation with service providers and suppliers who have PSF status (Professionnel du secteur financier / Professional Service Provider to the Financial Sector) is required. As a PSF-accredited company, Streff complies with these regulations and requirements.

Nevertheless, the benefits of strict rules apply not only to customers of the financial industry but also to all other customers who can also benefit from increased security.

Emergency office

It can always happen that you need to access files which are not easily retrievable to our staff, or the details of which are not known to us on short notice. In such circumstances we offer you an office container equipped with a desk, fax and telephone and the possibility to search for the documents on our premises.