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Sweaping old archives

Time to clean up, another year as gone

Well the hangover of the Christmas and New Year is already forgotten and most of us are back to our everyday work routine.

The year 2015 has just finished. During that year you most probably managed to collect a lot of documents that you no longer need or that you need to store for legal purposes. Cluttering your office with old paper has never been a good idea. Perhaps it is a good moment to start thinking of cleaning up your office space, that way making new space for the documents to come in 2016.

Look into your office space, in your cabinets, cellars, desk, etc then think if you do need these documents? do I need to keep it? Also, you can think about, do I have to keep this old computer? And this old furniture? .... And if you have anything that you may not want to keep and you may want to destroy, archive or store for futere access you can contact STREFF.

Old shredding machines

Do not be surprised but document destruction is very old

Document destruction is as old as civilization. The ancient Egyptians wrote on papyrus. If the papyrus was no longer needed, it was torn up. During the Medieval Inquisition movements, the Vatican urged the destruction of any literature that presented ideas seen as heresy. The most common way of destroying the writings in those days was burning them.

Nowadays disposing of documents has more to do with legal responsibility and the protection of privacy, and the methods used are very different from the ones used in the past.

As regards the modern paper shredder used for document destrcution, it’s quite a new invention. It was the inspiration of a German inventor called Adolph Ehinger who developed the first paper shredder in 1935 by modelling his design after Bavarian pasta-making machines. The idea occurred to him because of his need to protect the privacy of competing clients.

In today’s society the threat of data theft to an individual, business or state is ever increasing and can have devastating effects. What we don’t often realize is how easy it is to reconstruct information on the basis of shredded paper extracted from a bin. It is just a question of assembling the pieces together and voilà - what was thought to be destroyed and safe is now in the hands of others. That is why all businesses nowadays, regardless of their size, have a legal responsibility to handle confidential documents appropriately and to protect data pertaining to customers, employees, patients and suppliers. Here are a few examples of recent data protection blunders:

- SNBC railway company data leak, Luxembourg. 2013

- List of penalties for breaching the Data Protection Act, UK 2012

Companies like STREFF take full responsibility for the collection and destruction process from start to finish. They guarantee that your papers are 100% secure when shredded, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands, and they provide you with a little peace of mind that you went down all the appropriate destruction avenues.