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Specialized storage

Are you responsible for the logistics in your company or an individual who requires somewhere to store goods for a short time? Then come to us.

Flexibility is the key. We offer you the necessary storage in our range of container options. Perhaps you have ordered goods for a specific date but then have to store them for a short time if the dates for installation have changed. Whether a spa bath, fitted kitchen, shelf system, packaging or franking machine, safe or other item. We can move items weighing up to 35 tonnes with our crane system.

The length of the contract is also based on your requirements: you only pay while you are using our storage facilities. We use a bar code system to maintain correct identification of the goods and to trace the storage history.

And if you need help with logistics services, we will be pleased to provide it. We will commission and dispatch your goods to your customers.

Vehicle storage

Your car is beautiful and unique, we have room to store it safely!

Our facilities are equipped with modern electronic security systems. The building is free from moisture, ventilated, heated when needed and protected against animals.

Whether you own a classic car, an old car, a convertible, a sports car, a motorcycle or a vehicle for seasonal use.

Whether you are traveling, whether you work outside your house for a month, you had to move and / or leave because of a transfer…

Our containerized storage service is the economical solution that will suit all of these situations!

And more precisely in the winter: free the space in your garage to be able to park your every day car! Never have to scrape ice from windows or removing snow from the roof of the car. Or feeling cold until the interior of your everyday car warms up while driving..

red ferrari loading into safe storage container open sided container storing a grey ferrari 20 foot container secure car parking

We do what we can do and know what we do!

With us, your vehicle is in the best hands and benefits from a protection service, storage and guarding it deserves.

We guarantee a professional security service protecting your precious vehicle against burglary and the weather in steel containers in our premises.

We offer flexible rental periods, adapted to your needs. We also stock tires, accessories and spare parts.

We are at your disposal to establish a personalized offer, with no commitment on your part. You can also opt for our bundled services.

Our services :

  • Individual container storage
  • Discreet storage
  • Secure sheltered parking
  • Storage of spare parts / accessories / tires
  • Exhibition room

Furthermore, after prior arrangement and an additional charge, to other services are possible, such as: battery maintenance, increased tire pressure, external cleaning (washing station), external cleaning (hand washed), interior cleaning, storage in air tight chamber (Carballoon), etc.

Invoicing is based on a monthly rent. You can choose a lease term at your convenience. Prices vary depending on the rental period and the number of used containers.


We also offer secure storage space for motorbikes. Individual parking locations with tarpaulins or If you have several bikes, storage container is also possible.

Feel free to visit us without commitment Windhof-Ecoparc, 5, rue Pierre Flammang. We will respond to your questions.

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