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We would not be able to offer professional services without fulfilling all the necessary conditions. Without adequate technology and staff, no one can guarantee that your relocation will be carried out safely and correctly.

Available and well allocated resources are central to any business undertaking and here at Streff we also realise that moving is a delicate and complex affair which needs to be handled with great care and consideration. We are committed to making it as smooth and straightforward as possible for you so you can feel at ease throughout the whole process.

In the following section you will find an overview of our dedicated resources.

Vehicle fleet

You quite rightly expect your possessions to be transported as carefully as possible. However, flexibility is no less important.

Our fleet has been specially chosen to meet the particular challenges presented by removals and special transports.

We operate 12 large, air-suspended towing vehicles, all equipped with lifting platforms. Our modern trailers are also air-suspended.

Air suspension is a warranty to have your goods transported as safely and smoothly as possible.

The containers on the vehicles have a loading volume of 47m³. Containers offer the unbeatable advantage of eliminating the need to manually shift the contents again several times in a warehouse. The locked container is simply lifted off the HGV as a single unit by crane, and serves as the storage space for the entire storage period. Of course, we have a wide range of containers in various sizes. So we are able to make sure that you have all the space you require.

We also have ten small service vans that are used for packing and deliveries.

Five external lifts fitted to vehicle chassis are used to move your furniture to any storey. Our lifts can bridge gaps of up to 43m from the road level to the entrance point in your home (window, balcony, etc.).

Streff Vehicle Fleet Moving Team Streff Vehicle Fleet Moving Lift Streff Vehicle Fleet Moving Trucks Streff Vehicle Fleet Moving Truck and trailer

Technology at your service

Technical aids are the instruments that help to make your removal safer and more comfortable – and over within the shortest possible time.

As specialists in the field, we have put our extensive experience to good use and developed some of the technical aids that we use for removals, storage or file destruction ourselves.

This guarantees the highest level of efficiency in our activities. The use of ramp systems, mobile file trolleys, PC trays, Pal-Back and many other practical aids enable us to work faster and more productively for you.

Streff Technology Ramp System Streff Technology Ramp System Streff Technology Archive Mobile File Trolley Streff Vehicle Fleet Moving Container with Crane
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Machines at your service

Streff Vehicle Fleet Moving Lift carrying a piano Streff Technology Vehicle Forklift Streff Trash and disposable compacter Streff Data Destruction Shredder